Vision, Theme & Objective

Let’s create a story which conveys that time is of the essence.  If you are the average American who puts in a standard 40-hour week (or sometimes more), raising a family, keeping up with Jones’, always catching a meal on-the-go, and share the belief that laundry is indeed the new oatmeal… we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate not only the beauty of our surroundings but the gift of life.  No matter where in our journey we may be, whether in times of desperation, joy, or tragedy, time will always be of the essence.  I have found that when you immerse yourself in your passion and art, you start to believe that thoughts become things and anything is possible!  This is what photography feels like to me, and my journey has just started!

DRAMATIC, mysterious, ArTiStiC, sophisticated, sexy, polished, urban, HISTORIC, bustling, iconic

Dark blues, greens, reds, vintage meets modern, leather, edgy, dimensional, classy, silver and gold

LOCATION - I will travel too!

This story takes place at an outdoor location with views which symbolize the best of both worlds, a fusion of city and landscape.  I want to show the irony between a bustling city and an iconic scenery in the background that will tell a story.  I want the audience/viewer who looks at the photo to stop and think about time... if we had all the time in the world, imagine what undiscovered things we could uncover!

  1. Charleston, SC

  2. Boston, MA

  3. Ouray, CO

  4. Aspen, CO

  5. Flagstaff, AZ

  6. Sedona, AZ

  7. Ashville, NC

  8. Miami, FL

  9. New York City, NY

  10. San Francisco, CA